April 15, 2011

Recipes: French Fries My Way

Craving something indulgent yet guilt free this evening? Try these tantalizing fries with a twist! Sure to satisfy with half the calories and oodles of nutrition!


1-2 Organic Sweet Potato's
2-4 Organic Turnips
1/8-1/4 Cup Grapeseed Oil
1/2 tsp. Sweet Paprika
Dash or 3 of your favorite "Garlic & Herb" seasoning (I love Mrs. Dash)
Fresh ground pepper and Pink (or Sea) Salt to taste

Wash and scrub turnips and sweet potato's thoroughly (leave skins on -super nutritious!). Cut into even slices, then sticks, about a 1/2 inch or so, just eyeball it.
Place all slices in either a large bowl or a gallon size zip lock, drizzle grapeseed oil and spices. Coat fries evenly with your hands, or working on even coat over in the bag.
Use parchment paper to cover two baking sheets, and lay fries out, try to avoid piling. Bake at 425 for about 20 minutes, or until crisp and brown as you like! It is a good idea to take them out about half way through and turn fries over so they are evenly crisp.

Enjoy with a salad or some lettuce-wrapped ground turkey. Yummy!



April 12, 2011


So I know I am slacking on posts, life with a one year old is crazy-busy! I have a lot of articles in the works; I just need time to finish them –thanks for being so patient with me!
You THINK you're going to have all this time to get things done when they are napping or playing, but it's not so. When my daughter is up, she is UP and ABOUT and there is no slow-down in her day. She wants interaction, stimulation and education without pause. She is my tiny sprite, whom I adore, and who runs me ragged. She couldn't be a happier one year old, saying so many new words (diaper, dog, duck, "buh-fly", bird, all done, peas, broccoli, nana, book, ball, bubbles, swing...) and learning her signs (please, all done...) she fills my heart with joy, and I love attempting to match her energy every single day.

A quick SUP (paddleboard) lesson for Mia before Mama hit the ocean with her girlfriends last weekend!

So not to be behind the gun, but let’s chat about spring cleaning -not your house but your temple. Your insides! The reason why I usually wait to address this until later in the spring is because when spring first hits, I just want to enjoy it! I want to squeeze the fresh OJ from the fruit on my trees, and plant some new seeds and veggies to have during the summer... If I can keep he AZ heat from killing them that is. So when the temperatures do start to rise, like now (80's here!) that’s when I start thinking cleanse because I realize that bikini season is fast approaching. 
By the way... although I just used that phraseology, I HATE thinking "bikini season" or "swimsuit season." the reason why? You should be swimsuit ready year-round! I figure if I "pretend" like I'm going to have to hop into a two-piece at anytime during a year, and stick to my exercise and healthful eating, then there is no rush nor panic as soon as the weather warms, and I don't have to crash-cleanse just to jump start my way into shape. But what do I do when I’ve had an especially hectic week or weekend with little to no self-care? Or when I’ve recklessly eaten some foods that I exclude from my diet normally? (corn, rice, diary… I have never wavered on gluten) I do a quick 1-3 day retox. 

Why “Retox” and not “Detox? Because I believe that you don’t suddenly need to remove everything “toxic” out of your body in a harsh manner, as some do with teas, laxatives, food fasts, etc. I believe that if you provide your body with everything it needs to nourish and support its systems, that it will naturally purge itself of toxins and waste debris on its own… with a little help. So here is what I do:
  •          Immediately exclude all diary, meats (except fish), refined sugars, simple carbs and coffee (I do not drink sodas or any similar beverages so those are a non-issue for me).
  •          I minimize the cooked foods I eat… I’d say raw vs. cooked becomes an 80/20 ratio, respectively.
  •          I cut out all grains at first (I’m already gluten free, 4 years and counting!), replace with organic beans, and eventually may add organic brown rice and/or organic quinoa (occasionally gluten free oats). Those are the only grains I typically ingest.
  •          I add juice. Not your typical juice nothing you buy pre-made, I’m talking what you get at the Whole Foods juice bar… and not the fruity stuff. The hard core stuff… like “I’ll take a 20oz of all the greens you have, plus lemon, plus garlic and a little green apple” kind of juice. I also do one that is just carrot and apple. In the mornings I pick oranges from my trees and juice them and drink it in the morning. About 16oz. I would say that I would take in 40-80oz of these juices (only 16oz of the oj) on one of these retox days. And as much as I can on the other days. Garden of Life does have a raw green powder that you can use with some fresh lemon and a few drops of stevia when you can’t get to a juice bar or juice at home http://www.gardenoflife.com/ProductsforLife/SUPPLEMENTS/FoundationalNutrition/PerfectFoodsupsupRAW/tabid/1836/Default.aspx.
  •         I do coffee enemas [GASP!] Yes, I do coffee enemas. Before you flip out and start thinking of piping hot java powering up your rear like Old Faithful, calm down and hear me out. The coffee enema is not like colon hydrotherapy or similar therapies (for those of you so lucky to have experienced). The tube is tiny, and it is something you can easily do in the privacy of your own bathroom/room and isn’t as “invasive” as anything you would do otherwise. Now let me shed some light onto the biological basis of “why” with these java treatments, as I refer to them. “The coffee, once introduced to your colon, dilates the bile ducts. The coffee stimulates an enzyme system in the liver known as glutathione S-transferase (GST) that removes a vast variety of free radicals from the bloodstream. Under the influence of a coffee enema, the GST enzyme system increases in activity to 650% above normal and removes free radicals (electrophiles) from the bloodstream. No other material other than coffee is known to stimulate free radical quenching in such proportion (not even coenzyme Q10 or OPC). The free radicals are mopped up and removed by GST enzymes through the use of coffee cleansing of the lower gut. During the time the coffee is being held in the gut, all the blood in the body passes through the liver at least five times (12-15 minutes). The blood circulates through the liver every three minutes. The palmitate compounds and the caffeine, Theobromine, and theophylline in coffee cause dilation of the liver’s blood vessels and bile ducts, relaxation of smooth muscles, stimulation of intestinal peristalsis and elevation of bile flow. Toxic bile is flushed out along with its bile salts to bring about effective dialysis that is advantageous. The coffee [enema] removes ammonialike products, toxic-bound nitrogen, protein derivatives, polyamines, amino acids, coagulated clumps, and complexes, all of which are waste products of metabolism. Getting rid of them frees the body from becoming poisoned by its own wastes.”(The Gerson Way -Charlotte Gerson, Morton Walker D.P.M. via Dr. Max Gerson) http://gerson.org/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1&zenid=19bc134ecbcf069f12f7f84942a2124d

  •          I eliminate as much salt as possible from my diet by consuming all the fresh fruits and vegetables, lightly cooked vegetables and raw juices. I add no salt to my cooking during this time, and eat minimal salt period. The reason for this also goes back to my following of the Gerson Therapy (which I stick closely to on a daily basis, and strictly to when I am sick, or feel like I am coming down with something). Dr. Max Gerson believed that one of the basic problems of disease was the loss of potassium from tissue cells and the penetration of sodium into the cells. “The cell, in attempting to maintain its integrity, binds the toxic sodium material with water. This is called edematous fluid retention. With the penetration of sodium into the cell, and therefore into tissues, enzyme function is inhibited and the normal tissue activity becomes disturbed or at worst, blocked. While a minimum of sodium is needed by the body for normal function, this inorganic substance is also considered to be an extracellular mineral, since it must remain outside of body cells in their fluids. Potassium is the intracellular mineral, since it is needed for metabolism within body cells. When the extracellular/intracellular balance is disturbed, health problems start from damage to the cells. The body is normally able to excrete excess sodium through the kidneys and feces, but when it becomes overwhelmed daily, year after year, with huge amounts of excess sodium, there comes a point when the body’s ability to excrete this excess is reduced or lost. Now a person’s many enzyme systems, his or her immune system, and eventually the liver, are damaged. The result is symptoms of illness and the creation of disease dysfunction.” (The Gerson Way -Charlotte Gerson, Morton Walker D.P.M. via Dr. Max Gerson)
      So that’s what I do to “retox” –I retox my body with all the superfood-good-stuff in order to naturally detox. I start adding in SO much of the good things, raw fruits, vegetables, freshly pressed green and other juices, and minimizing animal protein/dairy, almost exclude salt, do a couple of “Java Rx’s” and wham! I am feeling mighty fine. Trust me… for a couple of days you won’t be missing any of your typical go-to food items. You will be SO full on fruits, veggies, juices, beans, organic raw cold pressed flax oil (two tablespoons per day!) that you won’t miss any of it. You will sleep deeply, you will be hypereliminating  and streamlined for the rest of your week, month, spring or summer. You will feel amazing. Your energy levels will be so high… You have to trust me. I have always advocated that if you introduce enough good things, nourishing, raw, healthy things to your body, your cravings and desires for the “bad” will just slowly shrink away on their own. This is a much better approach than to simply STOP all your normal behaviors and try and starve your body into healthful submission any other way. When you have time, mindfully add in some yoga, an early morning jog (plunk baby into the stroller and take off!) or swing some kettlebells (can you get in 250 swings a day?) Just get your blood pumping... You know how I feel about the 100/100/100!

      Enjoy your own retox and revisit it frequently so that when you start smelling spring in the air in the future, you don’t catch your own breath and start to meltdown because you have to have flat abs yesterday. Relax… and Retox.