August 17, 2010

My Naturally Well Baby

Since having Mia, I wanted to make sure that we continued our household tradition (okay my tradition, Steve is learning as we go) of doing everything as naturally as possible when it came to Mia’s care. I eat everything as organic/raw/superfood as possible, use castile soap, almond or coconut oil for body moisturizer, etc. And that is why I only use plant-based cleaning products, and wash her in organic plant-based soap/shampoo, when I use it that is. I try to use soap on her as infrequently as possible, to keep her skin moisturized, and to allow her build up a healthy amount of flora.

Speaking of flora and good bacteria, that is the purpose of this blog! Well one of the points. Check out Dr. Greenes book, ‘Raising Baby Green’ if you haven’t already for tips about all-natural child raising and home living. I loved it, and found so many great solutions in it for things like household cleaning products, and we now use Dr. Bonners Castile soap now exclusively (Steve’s not too thrilled about this, but he’s getting there :)


When I began seeking a Naturopathic Pediatrician, I was overwhelmed. But then I found Dr. van der Veer and her website through a referral from a friend. I called, and this wonderful woman actually answered her phone! And then talked to me! For 25 minutes. I was blown away. Never in all my years have I actually gotten a doctor on the phone who would talk to me about all my concerns, and then set up an appointment with me.
I mainly wanted to talk with her about vaccinations for Mia. I am against them partly, and the other part of me isn’t sure. I needed help, and she gave it.
Steve and I LOVED meeting with her one Saturday, and she gave us over two hours of her time at her home office. I’ve never felt more comfortable, and heard. Dr. van der Veer was really listening to our concerns and providing us with information to help in our decision making. It was a phenomenal experience.
One of the things she immediately prescribed are the Ther-Biotic Infant Formula Probiotics for Mia, which we ordered and began giving to her.


We have been able to terminate the use of any Mylicon as a result, and Mia has had no digestive issues at all, and her spitting up, burping and gas has grown to a minimum. Most impressively since she started on the probiotics several weeks ago, is that Steve caught a really bad flu virus, and was at home for 3 days with it. I thought for sure Mia would catch it, but she never had a sniffle! I’m not saying this is exclusively because of the probiotics, I know that my superfood and nutrient rich diet and the fact that I exclusively breastfeed are big factors. But Mia has had one tiny cold with congestion, and that was prior to the start of her probiotic regimen. I am convinced that they have really help build up her immune system, and strengthen her digestive system. This was especially important to me since Steve and I have chosen to omit certain vaccinations, and delay many of them as it is. This is not a choice we took lightly, and spent many, many hours and days doing research, discussing, and talking to experts. One of which is Dr. Baral at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in South Scottsdale. We were able to attend one of his seminars, which was amazingly informative. One of the key things he strongly encouraged that night (I was only 8 months pregnant at the time we attended) was the use of infant probiotics, especially if you are omitting, or delaying any vaccinations. Probiotics can do wonders for any immune system, especially that of our tiny infants and children.
So when I consulted with Dr. van der Veer and she brought up all the same information, I jumped on it, having somewhat forgotten about the seminar at that point. That is why I am encouraging/reminding all of you about the importance of probiotics here.

Dr. van der Veer has also come along side of me helping me with some of my own postpartum issues, and been such a lifesaver. She has me on a regimen to help strengthen and support my immune and digestive system as I breastfeed, and help keep my stress at a minimum with my busy schedule.
I would highly recommend checking out her site, and calling her for a phone consultation with any concerns you may have with your little one, especially if your baby is struggling with any gastric reflux, allergies, eczema, constipation, etc.

Dr. van der Veer will take the time to hear your concerns and really talk with you about a plan to help resolve what can be resolved. I just wanted to pass on this information because I have been so thrilled, and am so grateful for her support in these first few months of Mia’s life.
The Ther-Biotic Infant Formula probiotic can be found here on Dr. van der Veer's site, and is only $30/bottle, which will last you quite a while, since it is powder, and you only give 1/4-1/2 tsp daily. Mia loves when I give it to her (on my finger), she thinks she is getting some kind of special treat. Oh is she ever! I'm giving her good health, no great health, which is the best gift any of us can give to our sweet babies and children.

Check out Dr. van der Veer's site if you'd like, or to contact her for an appointment/consultation.

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