August 1, 2010

Recipes: Little Black Balls

Little Black Balls (Recipe found David Wolfe’s Superfoods book, I’ve modified slightly)

¼ Cup Organic Raw Hempseed
½ Cup Organic Raw Cacao Powder
1 Heaping Tbsp Raw Organic Maca Powder
2 Tbsp Organic Raw Coconut Oil
3 Tbsp Organic Raw Honey
2 Tbsp Organic Spirulina Powder
Dash of Sea Salt (or Pink Himalayan Salt)
1 tsp Organic, gluten-free Vanilla Extract

Toss it all into a food processor, or I just use my Bosch mixer with the dough hook, mix on low until it forms into a large ball of dough. Separate into small pieces and roll into little balls.

As an option, you can roll the balls in raw organic finely shredded coconut, or finely chopped organic raw almonds. I’ve even rolled them in Cacao Nibs, which is crunchy and fun. Put balls into a sealed container or plastic bag, and leave in refrigerator.

I eat these balls throughout the day… There have been days when I’ve survived on them almost exclusively, not that I am recommending that at all.
They give you a great boost of energy, and are packed with the complete protein found in the spirulina, protein from the honey, tons of iron and magnesium from the raw cacao, and so many other amazing nutrient properties (see my blog on Superfoods). Take them with you in a baggie or grab a couple in a paper towel as you’re running out the door or sitting down to breastfeed/bottle feed baby, and enjoy!

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