October 14, 2010

Trick or Treat: Time to Treat Mom!

Hey, Halloween isn't just about treats for the kiddos! I know there are a million and one festive sweet treats recipes out there, candy and more that will kick your sweet tooth into over drive, but how about something easy and delicious you can enjoy after the kids are in bed?

We all need our "fix" of something sweet every once in a while, I know it better than anyone. To say I have a sweet tooth is a total understatement, but there are solutions for those of us on a gluten free diet who don't want to just inhale loads of our kids candy or (all of) the leftover gluten free cupcakes and festive rice crispy treats.

My newest and most favorite discovery is that of my (old) favorite, ice cream sandwiches! But they are organic and gluten free, and oh-so-yummy! They are Julie's Organic brand, and I found them at a Fry's Marketplace grocery store (which has a fabulous gluten free section, by the way), but I know there are elsewhere as well. They are truly delicious, and will satisfy that childhood craving for a melty-ooey-gooey ice cream sandwich:


Secondly, what is a desert treat without a light, crisp and insanely fantastic glass of wine to accompany it? It would be like peanut butter without jelly! Cookies without milk! Brownies without Nutella! I've recently discovered this delectable, slightly sweet, dry enough and reasonably priced chardonnay that is worth sticking in the fridge for a treat night like we're discussing:


And the fact that it's called "Cupcake" just makes it.

Enjoy the fall festivities, and don't forget to indulge a little bit yourself so that you don't over indulge in all the "gunk & junk."



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