October 17, 2010

Recipes: Kombucha -The Making!

I've written about the benefits and power of this tasty and intriguing beverage before, and now I want to share with you how to make your very own! It is so easy, and the possibilities are endless.

Let's start with the basic recipe:

12 Cups of Water
1 Cup Organic, Fair Trade Sugar (raw is best)
3-5 Tea Bags (your choice)
1 Kombucha "Mother"


Bring the water to a boil in a giant pot. Add in the cup of sugar, stir until dissolved. Add in the tea bags, and allow the entire pot to cool to room temperature.


After it's cooled, transfer tea to a large glass bowl. Lay 'The Mother" on top of the bowl, and then cover with either a cloth, or clear wrap with many, many holes punctured in it. You can then cover the top with a cloth. If the cloth won't stay put, I like to use an old Goody hair band to secure into place.

("The Mother")




Allow tea to ferment for 7-9 days, depending on the strength you prefer.

Remove the mother and start a new batch, placing the removed tea in a pitcher, refrigerated.

After a couple of batches you can peel off layers of "The Mother" mushroom and give away or start multiple batches!

The most common tea is just a plain, organic black tea. But you can certainly mix things up! You can add an unsweetened juice of your choice for flavor, grape is my favorite. I will add R.W. Kudson's Just Concord Grape for a bit of flavor, but you can add anything you'd like. Avoid super sugary juices like mango, or purees.

My very favorite variation is "Black & White Mango" Kombucha. I use two 3 mango flavored black tea bags, and two white tea bags.
Another favorite is Pomegranate White Tea flavor. Trader Joe's carries a delicious box of Pomegranate White Tea.
For pregnant or lactating Mom's, use caffeine free tea, such as a Raspberry Flavor, or any other the caffeine free Celestial Teas... all delicious! I like using the Lemon Zinger, and adding some fresh ginger to the tea, that will take the edge off of morning sickness!
Another yummy combination is Blueberry Tea and White Tea together.
The possibilities are endless, and it is so good for your health.

You can find "The Mother" online and order it, or start asking around to see if anyone can peel you off a layer from their mushroom. You'd be surprised who has them! I got my first mother from a guy in my yoga class many years ago. I "fell off the wagon" when I moved, as my mushroom didn't make the move. But my cousin recently provided me with a new fantastic mushroom, and I'm going strong once again!
Making your own kombucha can save you BIG bucks, as they charge upwards of $3-$4 per 12oz bottles in the store.



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