October 18, 2010

Looking To Save $$$ ?

This is more of a "tip" than a blog post, but I had to pass along this great information for those of you still unaware as I was just a short time ago.

A client of mine recently tipped me off to the great savings you can accumulate by becoming and "Amazon Mom" on Amazon.com! You can sign up for free, no obligation, to have your choice of diapers, baby food, wipes and a million other wonderful, organic and baby essential items shipped to your house for %15-%30 off store prices!

You sign up for the products you want, the amount, select the frequency you'd like your favorite products to be shipped to your door, and there you go! You can change items, delete/add items, or cancel all together at anytime, again with no obligation! It is absolutely fantastic, and wow, what a time-saver!!! Forget running to the store at 10pm because you forgot to grab diapers earlier in the day, or running out of wipes at the worst possible poomergency moment. You can even order home essentials and great baby-friendly cleaning products you use everyday like Seventh Generation and more! They even carry all the on-the-go baby food I like to keep in stock, such as Ella's Kitchen, World Baby Food, Happy Baby Organics, Plum Organics and tons more.

Had to pass on the tip; I've signed up and have been loving it so far. I am currently saving almost $13 per package of diapers... I am currently using the Huggies Pure & Natural diapers with Organic Cotton, and am getting 144 diapers for $28. That is a steal of a deal! Sign up if you are interested, or share any other money saving tips in the comments section!



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